EDCH Doctoral Thesis Award 2020 (so-called ISIC Award)

© 2020 EPFL

© 2020 EPFL

Dr Seyedmohamad Moosavi LSMO Congratulations !
"Advancing computational and data-driven methods for the design and discovery of nanoporous materials"

Chemists have now synthesised over 90’000 different, MOFs, metal organic frameworks. Mohamad Moosavi was asking the question: How novel is MOF 90’000 and one? Using big-data science methods, he developed a language on how to quantify novelty and chemical diversity of MOFs. 

The award is attributed annually to a single winner for an outstanding PhD thesis from the Doctoral School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering program.The award consists of a certificate and financial recognition of 3’000 CHF.




Announced FSB Assembly 15.12.2020