14.12.17 - Coorpacademy, a company active in e-learning and established on the campus, was invited to present itself to the students in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MTE).

As part of its mentoring program, the MTE section welcomed Mr. Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy, who spoke about his professional experience and distilled advice to future entrepreneurs.

Jean-Marc Tassetto

Before creating Coorpacademy in 2013, he held management positions in several large companies in France (Danone, SFR Grand Public, or CEO of Google France). By deciding to leave this type of job, Mr. Tassetto demonstrates that there is no age to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions and sends an encouraging message to MTE students and their mentors.
"If you want to start a business, try to identify the" Pain point" you want to eliminate. In his case, by creating Coorpacademy, the founder wanted to change the boring experience of e-learning in business and reinvent an educational design based on the codes and culture of the digital revolution. Thanks to this approach, his company currently has more than 500,000 learners in more than 80 companies.

Mr. Tassetto argues that engineers who have acquired soft skills will be more likely to become CEOs one day. He concluded his presentation by emphasizing that MTE students will be well prepared for the market with the dual training offered by the section.

Author:Alexandra von SchackSource:Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship