DSF technology for use in drug development

© 2024 EPFL

© 2024 EPFL

The PTPSP will be holding seminars on DSF technology with instrument demos from Nanotemper and Unchained Labs.

The DSF technique is fluorescence based, measuring the intrinsic fluorescence from proteins (tryptophans or tyrosines) or via fluorophores with DLS, coupled with a thermal melting curve. This allows you to observe the thermal denaturation of your proteins directly and allows you to assess their stability that could change due to differences in their amino acid sequence, buffers, additives, storage conditions, concentration etc.
More info on the usefulness of the technology and how you can apply it for your research:

Nanotemper seminar will be on February 20th (with provided lunch) and the demo will be on February 22nd.

Please note: the registration is mandatory at the Nanotemper website.

Unchained Labs seminar and the demo will take place on March 19th - 21st (more info to come in a few days)

For additional informations please contact Dr. Kelvin Lau.