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Dr. Visentin co-organizing the next STI Conference in Leiden

Dr. Fabiana Visentin © 2018 EPFL

Dr. Fabiana Visentin © 2018 EPFL

Dr. Fabiana Visentin is looking for contributors for the Special Track she is co-organizing at the 23rd International Conference "Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in transition", taking place on Septembre 12-14 in Leiden, The Netherlands.

In collaboration with Jacques Mairesse and Michele Pezzoni, Dr. Visentin will organize the Special track of the conference entitled " Scientific and technological novelty: impact and determinants":

Novel ideas are expected to substantially contribute to scientific and technological progress and to change fundamentally existing paradigms. Scientific articles and patents are two of the principal means through which novel ideas diffuse. A scientific article requires a certain degree of novelty to be published in a journal with respect to the state of the literature as well as an invention requires a certain degree of novelty to be patented. However, some articles and inventions are more novel than others and introduce breakthrough ideas.

An emerging strand of literature attempts to recognize and trace “novelty” in science and technology by using large datasets of publications and patents. Despite the growing interest in identifying articles and patents embodying novelty and assessing its impact over time, the existing studies are affected by various limitations. Mainly, several operational definitions of novelty are proposed in the extant literature with differing results. Moreover, the determinants of emergence and generation of novelty such as research funding, scientists and inventors’ personal characteristics, and institutional contexts are still largely unexplored..

This special track aims at gathering studies on scientific and technological novelty, its short and long run impact, and its determinants.

Contributors are welcome to send their submissions before April 1st, 2018.