Dr. Marco Mondelli received the 2017 Patrick Denantes memorial Prize

© 2017 EPFL © M. Mondelli

© 2017 EPFL © M. Mondelli

Marco Mondelli, a former student at the Communication Theory Laboratory (LTHC), headed by Prof. Ruediger Urbanke, received the 2017 Patrick Denantes memorial prize for his doctoral dissertation "From Polar to Reed-Muller Codes: Unified Scaling, Non-standard Channels, and a Proven Conjecture" .
Congratulations to Marco !

The Patrick Denantes Memorial Prize is attributed once a year to the author of an outstanding doctoral thesis from the School of Computer and Communication Sciences (IC School).

The prize is awarded by a jury and presented to the laureate at the IC School end-of-year event. Financial sponsorship is provided by the family Denantes and the Nokia Research Center.