DIAS research: publications accepted at EDBT and CIDR 2024

© 2023 EPFL

© 2023 EPFL

The DIAS team will present their work on "Optimizing Goodput via Sharing for Batch Analytics with Deadlines" at EDBT 2024 and on "Oligolithic Cross-task Optimizations across Isolated Workloads" at CIDR 2024.

Optimizing Goodput via sharing for Batch Analytics with Deadlines Srinivas Karthik, Panagiotis Sioulis, Ahana Pradhan, Ioannis Mytilinis, Anastasia Ailamaki

Oligolithic Cross-task Optimizations across Isolated Workloads Eleni Zapridou, Panagiotis Sioulas, Anastasia Ailamaki

Details on the research will appear here soon. Stay tuned!