Craie d'Or 2018 awarded to Frédéric Mila

© Section de Physique, EPFL

© Section de Physique, EPFL

The 3rd year Bachelor students in Physics have awarded the Craie d’Or of the best Bachelor Teacher to Frédéric Mila for his course in statistical physics.

Continuing the tradition initiated last year, 3rd year physics students presented the Craie d’Or to the Best Teacher in their bachelor curriculum, following the Practical Work III poster presentations on June 1st.

This year, the Craie d'Or was awarded to Frédéric Mila for his course in Statistical Physics (3rd year). He said he was very surprised to have received this award, considering what he had made his students endure. But he admits that he had great fun and that he was always eager to go to class. This enthusiasm was obviously communicative.

As one of the reasons for his ever-renewed enthusiasm for teaching, Frédéric Mila cites the fact that he has concentrated all his teaching during the fall semester. Thus, he can devote himself to it during that semester and focus on his research during the spring semester. This ensures him a good balance between teaching and research. According to the verdict of the students, this is very beneficial.