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Computational Science projects funded by ERC grants

Two young professors of our School of Basic Sciences EPFL, prof. Clémence Corminboeuf (ISIC) and prof. Oleg Yazyev (ITP) have each obtained an "ERC Starting Grant” for their computational science research projects.

Prof. Cormingboeuf has received funding for her project "Large-Scale Computational Screening and Design of Highly-ordered pi-conjugated Molecular Precursors to Organic Electronic". The objective of the research is to develop a novel computational screening approach for identifying promising molecular precursors to organic electronics.

Prof. Yazyev submitted research is on "Topological Insulators: Computational Exploration of Emerging Electronic Materials", this project aims at exploring theoretically novel properties and the technological potential of topological insulators – recently discovered materials that realize exotic electronic phases driven by spin-orbit interactions.

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