11.05.15 - The possibility to carry out applied research that has a positive impact on sustainable development and to encourage capacity development in the concerned countries inspires researchers to engage in North-South scientific cooperation.

After 10 years of implementation, the Seed Money Programme (SMP) of CODEV has funded more than 80 projects from EPFL researchers with partners in 35 different countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The projects have promoted technology applications responding to the needs of local communities in the global South.

1st Seed Money Conference

Last October, CODEV organized the 1st. Seed Money Conference, where researchers of projects granted by the SMP had the opportunity to present their research and discuss their implementation experiences and impacts generated. The projects have achieved impressive results managing to develop a fruitful relationship with their partners in the global South, thereby laying the groundwork for solid long-term collaboration. At least one third of all projects do actually develop into larger research or collaboration activities by securing significant further funding.

Projects selected for 2015

Under the 2015 call, 8 projects were selected. EPFL researchers of granted projects will have the opportunity to explore original research areas and validate their initial hypothesis in partnership with Southern institutions over a one-year period. The topics of selected projects range from the dynamics of leprosy transmission in Ethiopia and antibiotics resistances in the intensive shrimp farming in Vietnam, to the use of real-time sensing and monitoring technologies for irrigation services in Uttar Pradesh, India, or real-time ultrahigh-resolution photographic imaging based land monitoring in Namibia. Other projects deal with crowdsourcing technologies to study urban awareness in Mexican cities; slums and urbanization in Venezuela; and remote detonation and clearance of improvised explosive devices in Colombia. One project aims at developing a Smart grid demonstration facility in the Austral University in Chile.

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