07.10.14 - Each student and employee of EPFL now has 25 GB of storage space. Thanks to the initiative of SWITCH, the well-known service provider to Swiss universities, your data will remain safely within the Swiss cloud.

EPFL now offers online storage and sharing of files. Each employee and student of EPFL can now take advantage – without cost – of a personal storage space of 25 GB, more than the free offers from the main competitors in this sector; namely, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. The files can be quickly stored, synchronized, shared or processed in one common space.

To get started, simply go directly to and request a SWITCHcloud ID using your AAI identifier.
Here are some of the features that make SWITCHdrive a secure tool, which is supported by EPFL.

  • Synchronization between your various peripherals (smartphone, tablet or office PC)
  • Data are stored in Switzerland and subject to Swiss laws
  • 25 GB of storage space
  • Maximum size of file for uploading: 4 GB
  • Data are completely deleted after the closing of an account
  • Easy sharing of files with another SWITCHdrive user
  • Sharing of files with other internet users using a simple download link

In contrast with other storage services that can be found on the net, all the data uploaded to SWITCHdrive are recorded in data centers located on Swiss territory (in Lausanne and Zurich). Your data is therefore processed according to Swiss law. This means that your data cannot be used without your authorization (in contrast with Dropbox) and that they do not come under the scrutiny of the PRISM project (as do OneDrive from Microsoft, Google Drive, Apple or Facebook – revealed by The Guardian of 12 July 2013).

For e-mails or files of very large size, SWITCH also offers its SWITCHfilesender solution. With this service, it’s possible to send files of several giga-octets using an AAI login. The files (deleted within a maximum period of 20 days) can be downloaded and transmitted to any internet user by the download link.

Authors:Julien Robyr, Michel NaguibSource:Information Systems