Civil Engineering Coaching

© 2023 Génie civil EPFL

© 2023 Génie civil EPFL

As every year, the new members of the Civil Engineering Coaching will be looking forward to a caring, warm and respectful environment within the Civil Engineering Section at EPFL. In this way, the association is helping to make studying Civil Engineering a happy and unforgettable experience!

For the 2023-24 academic year, here are the Civil Engineering coaching teams:

Aurore Villain and Salome Pierre
Rouham El Khoury and Nicolas Wakim
Matteo Gigli and Zahed Assaad
Malak Jria and Esther Brenna
Clément Badré and Léon l'Huillier
Inès Cometti and Paul Ansermoz
Dina Mouden and Lise Gillin
Kieran Sharp and Paolina Lemaire
Benoît Krayenbuhl and Margot Chapalain
Riad Bitar and Omar Maghur
Elias Rafoul and Michael Nehme

Coaching is a commission of the EPFL General Students' Association (i.e. AGEPoly).

The aim of Coaching is to facilitate the integration of new students arriving at EPFL. This integration is achieved by organising events, providing support for well-being and helping students to familiarise themselves with their new environment. All those involved in Coaching are representatives of values such as trust, respect, consent, mutual aid and good humour. And these values must be respected and passed on throughout the year.


You can meet the whole team of coaches at the welcome day on Friday 15 September.

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