CERN, Venice, Human Brain Project: the Era of Very Big Data has Begun

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Creative Commons

More and more data churned out by even more powerful supercomputers. Science has entered the era of "Very Big Data". But what for, exactly?

Neuroscience, physics, climatology, human and social sciences… Science depends increasingly on gigantic quantities of data. How do we manage and exploit it all? What kind of results can we expect from this inflation of information, analysed by hundreds of billions of calculations per second, on high-performance supercomputers ? Answers by Anastasia Ailamaki, head of the Data-intensive Applications and Systems Laboratory, and by Frédéric Kaplan, director of the Venice Time Machine Project.

EPFL's Library has set up a full bibliography on the topic:

Science! on tourne - Episode 10 from Mediacom EPFL on Vimeo.