CDH bids farewell to Director Béla Kapossy

Béla Kapossy © 2022 EPFL CDH

Béla Kapossy © 2022 EPFL CDH

Béla Kapossy will leave his role as College of Humanities Director on July 31st after four fruitful years. He will be succeeded by Frédéric Kaplan, head of the Laboratory for Digital Humanities (DHLAB).

In addition to leading the DHLAB, Frédéric Kaplan is also currently the head of CDH’s Digital Humanities Institute (DHI). He will take up the post of CDH Director for a two-year term starting on August 1.

A professor of modern history in the University of Lausanne’s Faculty of Arts since 2011, Béla Kapossy took on the role of College of Humanities (CDH) Director on August 1, 2018. During his tenure, he provided no shortage of answers to the question “why humanities at EPFL?”. He grew the small and newly formed College of Humanities into a thriving center of research and education, extending its interdisciplinary network throughout each of the school’s faculties and colleges.

Kapossy notably championed and developed the interdisciplinary Global Issues program, in which all first-year students participate; established several new CDH research groups in key areas including the history of science, ethics, and game studies; and significantly boosted the profile of art and culture at EPFL through the creation of CDH Culture, and through the launch of initiatives like THEMA and the Artist-in-Residence program in collaboration with EPFL Pavilions. It was also during Kapossy’s directorship that the College congratulated the recipients of its first Master and PhD degrees in Digital Humanities, and launched its own Annual Report.

The CDH thanks Béla Kapossy, wishing him a successful continuation of his activities, and congratulates Frédéric Kaplan!