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Discover, a reference portal that provides access to journals and ebooks in the fields of humanities and social sciences. was founded in 2005, under the initiative of 4 publishing houses: Belin, Boeck, La Découverte and Erès. The French National Library joined the project two years later. Much of the Cairn collection is in french, but it also includes an english-language international interface to facilitate use by non-francophones.

Today, more than 150 publishers (private, public and associations) are involved in this project and offer, through the platform, paid access to their publications. Some articles are also available in Open Access.

The EPFL Library has an institutional subscription to for the EPFL community (students, researchers, professor) and provides access to more than 500 fulltext journal titles.

In order to diversify its offer of french ebooks in the humanities and social sciences, the EPFL Library also purchases titles upon request. To know more about the purchase conditions and to send us your proposals:

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