Building Technology Symposium: Dreier Frenzel + SXL

© 2024 EPFL

© 2024 EPFL

This symposium aims to generate knowledge on the pedagogical aspects of architectural design and its constructive applications, in order to achieve a better match between training and the implementation of "sustainability" principles in professional practice.

Bringing together building practitioners, researchers and educators, this event is an opportunity to exchange ideas on experimental teaching formats that have been tested throughout Europe, to compare feedback from the professional world, and to give the necessary visibility to theoretical and critical contributions from the academic world. Collaboration between engineers, building physicists and architects, and, more broadly, comparisons of professional attitudes, cultural specificities, sector management and practitioner concerns will be illustrated by concrete teaching experiences.

The day will conclude with a round-table discussion, followed by the opening of the exhibition of student work in "Technologie du Bâti".

Event program, speakers, and registration: