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Book Release - Technologies for Development: What is Essential?

© 2015 CODEV

© 2015 CODEV

The Cooperation and Development Centre (CODEV) at EPFL is pleased to announce the release of its new book Technologies for Development: What is Essential?

Published by Springer International, this book brings together the best papers of the 2014 EPFL-UNESCO Conference on Technologies for Development, exploring innovative technologies in the Global South. Case studies from Africa, Asia, and Latin America address global development issues in the fields of health, energy, ICT, and urbanism in an interdisciplinary way.

This book:

  • Discusses challenges relating to the development needs of the Global South

  • Illustrates key issues at the interface of technology, human, social, and economic development
  • Demonstrates the potential of technological innovation

More Information:

Author: Eileen Hazboun
Source: Cooperation

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