Block and reactivate your card on myCamipro

CC0 license

CC0 license

If you lost your CAMIPRO card, you can now block it yourself right away on myCamipro. And if you find it later, you can also reactivate it easily.

Blocking and reactivation of your CAMIPRO card is available on your myCamipro, fully reachable by computer and mobile. If you lose your card or forget it somewhere, block it immediately on myCamipro. This prevents an attacker from gaining access to protected premises or using the money from your e-purse.

The PCC is always available 24/7 to block your card if you cannot do it yourself (phone 021-693 40 00).

If you find your card later, you can also reactivate it on myCamipro. It will again be fully functional for building access and payment at restaurants and ATMs.

If you can not find your card, you can apply for a new one by following the instructions on this page