Best poster award at SiliconPV 2024!

© 2024 OAA

© 2024 OAA

Olatz Arriaga Arruti (R&D engineer in CSEM and EPFL PV-Lab Ph.D graduate) won the best poster award at the SiliconPV 2024 with her poster named 'Are All Bifacial High-Efficiency c-Si Technologies Equally Sensitive to Potential-Induced Degradation?'. Congratulations to Olatz and all the co-authors! 

Short summary of the study

  • Bifacial high-efficiency technologies can be very sensitive to PID when encapsulated in G/G module configurations.
  • PERC technology shows highest degradation under negative PID, while SHJ the lowest.
  • Degradation mechanisms and kinetics vary from cell to cell.
  • Solutions to mitigate PID should be studied on a case-to-case basis and tailored to every technology.


This work was supported by the H2020 GOPV project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 792059