Best PhD thesis award for Stefano Bortolomiol

© 2023 Stefano Bortolomiol

© 2023 Stefano Bortolomiol

Stefano Bortolomiol, PhD graduate at the Transportation and Mobility Laboratory, received the prize for the best Operations Research doctoral thesis completed in Switzerland in the last three years, awarded by the Swiss Operations Research Society.

Stefano Bortolomiol defended his thesis, entitled "Optimization and equilibrium problems with discrete choice models" in March 2022. The thesis explores mathematical modeling and algorithmic issues involved in integrating advanced discrete choice models, which account for consumer behavioral heterogeneity and product differentiation, into supply optimization and market equilibrium models. The thesis committee was composed of Prof. G. Speranza (University of Brescia), Prof. E. Frejinger (Université de Montréal), Prof. F. Corman (ETHZ), Prof. D. Licina (EPFL), Prof. M. Bierlaire (EPFL, thesis director) and Prof. V. Lurkin (UNIL, thesis co-director). He was awarded the prize of the best doctoral thesis by the Swiss Operations Research Society on June 23, 2023.

Several former PhD students from the Transport and Mobility Laboratory also received this prestigious award, including Iliya Markov, Bilge Atasoy, and Niklaus Eggenberg.


The thesis was funded by the Swiss National Research Foundation.