Best Paper Award for Jean-Yves Le Boudec, Nikodin Ristanovic, and Aug

Professor Jean-Yves Le Boudec, his PhD student Nikodin Ristanovic and Mr. Augustin Chaintreau from Thomson Laboratories received the Best Paper Award for their research “The Age of Gossip: Spatial Mean Field Regime” at ACM Sigmetrics 2009.

This latter demonstrates how mobile nodes (GPS, mobiles) can access more quickly to updates if these are broadcasted not only by network operators but also by using opportunistic contacts between two users.

The authors show that the history, the frequency of the latest updates, and the mobility of users can be characterized by a differential equation. This equation allows the development of efficient optimization algorithms and helps an operator to measure economically the amount of base stations that must be activated to ensure the quality of service expected, while exploiting the benefit obtained to its maximum thanks to the direct transfers between users.

This research is the first to demonstrate the existence of a spatial mean field regime for the propagation of information via opportunistic contacts between similar receivers.


Source: EPFL