Anders Hagfeldt receives honorary doctorate from "Paris 7"

Anders Hagfeldt

Anders Hagfeldt

Professor Anders Hagfeldt has been named Docteur honoris causa of the Université Paris-Didérot ("Paris 7").

The Université Paris-Didérot (“Paris 7”) is the seventh of the thirteen universities that emerged after the original University of Paris was dissolved in 1970 (it took its current name from the French philosopher Denis Diderot in 1994). Paris-Diderot has housed two Nobel Prize laureates, two Fields medalists, and two French Ministers of Education. It is famous for its science teaching and research, and particularly mathematics, with many fundamental elements of probability theory having been discovered in its famous Laboratory of Probability and Random Models.

This year, the Université Paris-Didérot has awarded the title of Docteur honoris causa to Professor Anders Hagfeldt, who directs EPFL’s Laboratory of Photomolecular Science.

Professor Hagfeldt is one of the world's leading researchers on third-generation solar cells called dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs or Grätzel cells). Using various methods and novel nano-structured materials, his lab has substantially improved the efficiency of DSSCs, making them significantly more commercially viable. Professor Hagfeldt is regarded as a highly creative scientist, and is noted for always keeping industrial applications in sight throughout his fundamental research.

The awarding ceremony took place on 17 October 2017.