Ambrogio Fasoli appointed Programme Manager of EUROfusion

A. Fasoli © 2023 EPFL / N. Schopfer

A. Fasoli © 2023 EPFL / N. Schopfer

The Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL is pleased to share that its Director, Professor Ambrogio Fasoli, has been elected as the new Programme Manager Elect by the EUROfusion General Assembly in their recent quarterly meeting. This appointment follows a rigorous selection process that attests to Professor Fasoli's notable qualifications and extensive experience in the field. (See also the original news from EUROfusion)

Professor Fasoli is currently serving as Director of the Swiss Plasma Center and Associate Vice President for Research at EPFL, and also holds the position of Chair of the General Assembly of the European Consortium for Fusion Energy, EUROfusion.

He studied at the University of Milan and obtained his PhD at EPFL, then, after conducting experiments on the European JET tokamak, became a professor at MIT, where he worked from 1997 to 2001, before being appointed at EPFL. From 2014 through 2020 he has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Nuclear Fusion journal, of the International Atomic Energy Agency. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

In his forthcoming role, Professor Fasoli will take charge of the EUROfusion Programme Management Unit (PMU) and will be responsible for the programme's strategic execution. His comprehensive understanding and vast experience in fusion energy research position him aptly to drive innovation, collaboration and integration in his new role.

The appointment of Professor Fasoli occurs during a critical period for fusion energy research. It is expected that his leadership will effectively address the current challenges of the European fusion energy research community and steer the programme towards new scientific advancements.

Professor Fasoli's tenure as the Programme Manager Elect of EUROfusion will officially commence on January 1, 2024.

The Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL extends its heartfelt congratulations to Professor Fasoli in his new role.