All EPFL buildings will be closed until further notice

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, 17 March, all EPFL buildings will be closed until further notice. Students are prohibited from coming to campus. Remote work is mandatory for all EPFL collaborators. This measure is fully justified by the very fast spread of COVID-19 in Switzerland – the number of cases is doubling every two days.

Today, 16 March 2020, the Swiss Federal Council took the decision to introduce more stringent measures to protect the public. It has declared that an ‘extraordinary situation’ now exists in Switzerland in terms of the Epidemics Act.

>>> Read the Federal Council press release

Students are prohibited from coming to campus. Remote work is mandatory for all EPFL collaborators. No one is allowed on the EPFL campus without a special exception granted by the DSPS.

Given these extraordinary circumstance, we do not yet have answers to all of your questions.

Here is some basic information that you need to know:

  • Classes and exercises are being given online, as mentioned in the email we sent out the evening of Thursday, 12 March (more information). See with your teachers and in Moodle for how to access them.
  • Labs, practicals and seminars must also be held online; if that's not possible, they must be postponed or cancelled, as decided by your teachers.
  • Semester projects and SHS projects have been cancelled.
  • Master’s projects, as well as projects worth 30 ECTS in the basic sciences (SPH and CGC), must also be carried out online, replaced by another type of work, or postponed.
  • School equipment for lab sessions and projects cannot be removed from EPFL premises. Access to EPFL premises is prohibited until further notice.
  • The library’s resources are available online. If you can’t find what you need, please contact our librarians through this page.
  • Students who were supposed to head off for an internship or a Master’s project with a company: If you are already abroad, stay where you are if possible and comply with the directives issued in that country. If you haven’t left yet, your internship has been postponed. If it is in Switzerland, comply with the instructions of the company that hired you.
  • Exchange students who decide to leave EPFL can still continue their semester by taking our online classes. However, we would encourage you to stay, in order to complete the semester and avoid traveling under the current circumstances, although we understand that some of you may wish to return home.
  • The Federal Council recommends that Swiss people abroad return to Switzerland. EPFL students currently in an exchange program who nevertheless decide to stay where they are must comply with the instructions of their host universities and take the appropriate measures.
  • Students who decide to go back or who are called back by their home universities can also take our online classes.
  • In order to complete their semester, these students will have to return to EPFL when the situation returns to normal and take their exams.
  • Please take into consideration the fact that some students may not be authorized to return to Switzerland, or their return may be subject to restrictions or conditions, depending on government decisions.

Since we had to put in place these exceptional measures so quickly, we cannot provide more detailed information at this point. It is also too soon to provide information on the current session examination.

We will continue to keep you fully up to date as the situation evolves.


  • For questions about classes, projects and seminars, please contact your teachers.
  • For all other questions, including if you need support in connection with your well-being or personal situation, please contact Student Services by email.

We wish to thank you again for your understanding and for your cooperation – which is so vital during this extremely difficult period.

Author: Domaine de la formation

Source: EPFL