ACM Seminal Graphics Paper

© 2023 EPFL

© 2023 EPFL

Our paper "Projective Dynamics: Fusing Constraint Projections for Fast Simulation" has been selected as ACM Seminal Graphics Paper.

Presented at ACM SIGGRAPH in 2014, Projective Dynamics is an efficient method for implicit time integration of physical systems that builds a bridge between nodal Finite Element methods and Position Based Dynamics. ACM has selected this pioneering work for a new collection of Seminal Graphics Papers. Citing from the volume abstract "This collection of papers typifies the ground-breaking research that has been the conference's hallmark since 1974."

Numerous follow-up works have build upon our research with exciting new applications in physical simulation, computer animation & games, or computational design.


Funding by Swiss National Science Foundation, European Research Council under the European Unions Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007- 2013)/ERC Grant Agreement n. 257453,  NSF Career Award IIS-1350330


Sofien Bouaziz, Sebastian Martin, Tiantian Liu, Ladislav Kavan, Mark Pauly: Projective Dynamics: Fusing Constraint Projections for Fast Simulation

Seminal Graphics Papers: Pushing the Boundaries, Volume 2, August 2023, Article No.: 82, Pages 787–797