A warm welcome to Grégoire Courtine

© 2011 EPFL

© 2011 EPFL

The Counsel of Swiss Institutes of Technology (ETH board) recently appointed Grégoire Courtine as associate professor.

Grégoire Courtine has been appointed as Associate Professor of Life Sciences at the School of Life Sciences (SV), Brain Mind Institute. Grégoire Courtine is an expert in the development of new approaches to regenerating lesions in the spinal cord – this area of research is called neurorehabilitation. During his post-doctoral course at UCLA and in his own laboratory in Zurich, he performed work that made a major contribution to new perspectives in the treatment of spinal cord lesions. These are based on specific stimuli and the plasticity of the neuronal circuits in the medulla. His projects are in the neuroscience field, but are clearly intended for clinical application. These are encouraging results for future treatments, and this alliance between neuroscience and technology fits perfectly with the philosophy of EPFL’s Center for Neuroprosthetics.

Author: Michèle Bonnard Reshaped by the BMI webmistress

Source: Courtine's Lab