A video games collection at the Library



EPFL community and Library users now have access to more than 100 video games that they can borrow, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Among the selected video games available to the users, the Library offers titles related to the fields of study and research at EPFL, such as urban planning, architecture or financial management. The Library has chosen to diversify video games approaches, whether sociological, educational or scientific.

This may be a big first in Switzerland for an academic library such as EPFL, but video games have already gained a reputation as a research object or educational tool at Swiss universities and colleges. By the way, a call for EPFL students is launched on behalf of How people learn Master course to study and identify the opportunities offered by video game learning as part of an academic or collaborative activity. To participate to the project “Video games for Science Learning”, students are invited to register here for 45-minute game experience sessions that will take place as of March 26th.

The popularity of video games among EPFL community is no longer to be proved, as evidenced by the gamer associations and events organized on the campus and beyond. There is no doubt that this collection, due to its educational but also recreational aspect, will be able to find its public, whether it is beginner or already initiated.

Author: EPFL Library

Source: Library