A new website dedicated to research data management



The EPFL Library has recently launched a new website providing EPFL research community with useful information and concrete tools to foster research data management practices: researchdata.epfl.ch.

The new website researchdata.epfl.ch, dedicated to research data management, has been launched in September 2017. It is developed and is constantly kept up to date by the EPFL Library with the aim to support EPFL researchers in the management of their data.

The different sections of the website present the main steps related to data management planning, active data management as well as publication and long-term preservation of research data. The website also focuses on several topics related to data such as: metadata, data repositories, data journals and publishers’ requirements.

Practical tools and specialized guidance are available through the website. Among these tools, it is possible to download a Data Management Plan template focused on the new SNSF requirements on research data, prepared by the EPFL and the ETHZ libraries. This document is based on the SNSF DMP form, completed with recommendations and examples tailored on EPFL researchers’ needs.

A specialized team at your service

Do not hesitate to contact the research data management Library team: they will be pleased to help you in your research activities and answer to your questions. Contact: [email protected]

The EPFL Library team