A new trailer for the DH Master at EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

© 2021 EPFL

When the Digital Humanities Institute (DHI) approached their video production partner to create a short promotional video of its Digital Humanities Master program, it was suggested that we create something quick and engaging like ‘the trailer for a Norwegian police series’. Certainly an exciting idea, so the green light was given.

Title of the video:

EPFL Digital Humanities Master – Join Us


With the advent of the digital world, humanity has embarked on a new and unknown trajectory. Our culture, our relationships, our cities can now be modelled using digital methods. The more we understand the better equipped we will be to build a sustainable future.

Since 2017, EPFL has been training a new generation of engineers in Digital Humanities, operating at the crossroads of Science and Art, Technology and Culture. Digital Humanities engineers learn how to manipulate huge digital datasets, to understand the past and to reinterpret the present. They are trained to understand the social impact of technology but also to mine information in ancient documents. They can interpret centuries-old patterns while working to shape the future of culture using the most advanced digital tools. 

Institutions and industry throughout the world are now looking for engineers who not only have advanced digital skills but also possess a larger human-centred view on culture, society and responsible actions. 


Join the EFPL Digital Humanities Master of Science


Author: Kathleen Collins