23.06.15 - Leading House Mandate - for the current phase covering 2013-2016, the SERI has entrusted EPFL with the task of expanding the existing scientific collaboration with Brazil, to implement new funding instruments.

Aiming at intensifying scientific cooperation between Brazilian and Swiss scientists and institutions, the FLASH Research Programme is a new funding instrument that allows researchers to react immediately to exceptional events by setting up joint research projects between partners from Brazil and Switzerland.

Some research can be planned long in advance, while in some circumstances researchers have to be able to react quickly when exceptional events happen; the FLASH Research programme will allow such a quick reactivity.

It will promote the production of original scientific results linked to exceptional events, whether of environmental, political or societal nature, and enable scientists to investigate rare or unusual information, that cannot be gathered under normal conditions.

Detailed information on the call and application forms are available on

Author:Julien BettlerSource:Cooperation