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    Hamed Hassani won the 2014 Thomas M. Cover Dissertation Award

    14.04.14 - IC - Prizes & Awards Hamed Hassani, former student at the Communication Theory Laboratory (LTHC), headed by Prof. Ruediger Urbanke, won the inaugural Thomas M. Cover Dissertation Award for his PhD dissertation which was jointly supervised by Nicolas Macris and Ruediger Urbanke. Read on for a brief summary of this thesis work.

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    A Homemade Solar Lamp for Developing Countries

    14.04.14 - Mediacom The solar lamp developed by the start-up LEDsafari is a more effective, safer, and less expensive form of illumination than the traditional oil lamp currently used by more than one billion people in the world. An integral part of this young start-up from Lausanne is an educational three-day workshop organized locally and led by globetrotters trained by the start-up to educate and train the beneficiaries.

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    The 2014 4nations cup at EPFL

    11.04.14 - CDM The SFI@EPFL organizes the 2014 4nations cup that takes place on May 2, at EPFL. This event, co-hosted by Professors Erwan Morellec (SFI@EPFL) and Jean-Charles Rochet (University of Zürich), brings together the most promising young scholars in financial economics from four countries. Professors Ruediger Fahlenbrach (SFI@EPFL) and Per Oestberg (University of Zürich) have been selected to represent Switzerland and compete against scholars from Italy, UK and Netherlands.

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    Does public transportation encourage suburban sprawl?

    11.04.14 - Mediacom The Zurich public transportation authority wants to improve access to downtown Zurich for those living in the suburbs. There will be a variety of impacts on the urban landscape.

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    Changing your password: a question of good IT practice

    10.04.14 - Information Systems It’s vital to get into the habit of changing your password regularly. The security flaw “Heartbleed” – a bug in OpenSSL – provides an opportunity to become more disciplined in this respect.

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    Pramod Rastogi Laureate of the Prestigious SPIE Dennis Gabor Award

    10.04.14 - ENAC Pramod Rastogi has been named the 2014 recipient of the SPIE Dennis Gabor Award. The Dennis Gabor award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in diffractive wavefront technologies, especially those, which further the development of holography and metrology applications.

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    EPFL Middle East bring academic educational roaming to the UAE

    09.04.14 - Information Systems A joint initiative by EPFL Middle East and Ankabut brings Eduroam, the world's leading educational roaming service, to the UAE - An important step forward fostering academic collaboration in the country and across its borders.

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    Toward new tests of quantum mechanics at macroscopic scale

    09.04.14 - SB Scientists at the University of Geneva (UniGe) and at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) propose a scheme to probe non-classical states of macroscopic systems.

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    LQM levitates at the opening of SwissTech convention center

    09.04.14 - Laboratory for Quantum Magnetism The opening of the SwissTech Convention center at the EPFL campus site was celebrated with a public robotic festival in the weekend 5-6th of April.

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    Online training on research ethics

    09.04.14 - Research-Office Thanks to the Research Office, all EPFL researchers and students on the campus of Lausanne* can now access online training on ethics-related topics for free. This training is available at the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program.

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