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    Participation at the ISSOTL conference

    27.10.14 - Teaching Support Center Siara Isaac's participation on student group work was well received at the International Society of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Quebec, Canada.

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    Warm congratulations to the BSF - ACCESS team !

    27.10.14 - SV | Life Sciences The Biomolecular Screening facility (BSF), housed at EPFL’s School of Life Sciences, is a multidisciplinary laboratory founded in 2006, and whose mission is to perform high-throughput screening for research projects in the Life Sciences.

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    Congratulations to Juri Ranieri !

    27.10.14 - Audiovisual Communications Laboratory Juri defended his PhD thesis on August 25, 2014 with great success and presented it publicly on September 26, 2014. Bravo Juri!

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    Welcome to Tania Palmieri

    24.10.14 - Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy New Doctoral Student

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    Prix SHS: deux travaux primés ex aequo [in French]

    24.10.14 - CDH | College of humanities Lors de la cérémonie de remise des prix de recherche qui a eu lieu le vendredi 3 octobre 2014, le directeur du CdH, Thomas David, a remis le Prix SHS aux étudiant-e-s qui ont réalisé le meilleur travail en sciences humaines et sociales (SHS).

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    Robert Schaller wins the 2014 Zener Medal

    24.10.14 - SB | Basic Sciences Professor Robert Schaller has been awarded the 2014 Zener Medal, an honor in the field of solid state physics.

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    Assessment of the use of the emergency lane in Morges

    24.10.14 - Mediacom After four years of implementation, EPFL researchers have found that the partial opening of the highway’s emergency lane in Morges has major effects on the route’s traffic flow. They have also suggested some tips for the improvement of this system.

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    Drones Flex Their Artificial Muscles

    23.10.14 - Softrobotics LIS introduces a small fixed-wing drone with foldable artificial muscles, which is used for steering during flight and absorbing the impact of landing. This technology, developed within the The Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Robotics, could lead to fully foldable drones. See also the story on IEEE Spectrum.

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    Finding funding opportunities: online search tools

    23.10.14 - Research Office There is a wide range of sources of information on funding for research and related activities. A webpage with a selection of useful online search tools to find potential and interesting funding opportunities is now available.

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    Automatic remote correcting system for MOOCs

    23.10.14 - Massive open online courses Moocs An automatic correcting system was designed to be able to correct the programming exercises during a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about Microcontrollers, followed by thousands of students. Build around the MSP430G Launchpad, it has corrected more then 30'000 submissions in 7 weeks.

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