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    Beyond genes: are centrioles carriers of biological information?

    yesterday - Mediacom EPFL scientists discover that certain cell structures, the centrioles, could act as information carriers throughout cell generations. The discovery raises the possibility that transmission of biological information could involve more than just genes.

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    Cybathlon early bird registration

    yesterday - NCCR-Robotics For those of you who are planning on registering for Cybathlon 2016, don't forget to sign up by May 1st to take advantage of our early bird rates.

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    Six driverless vehicles running on EPFL campus

    yesterday - Transportation Center Autonomous shuttles are travelling everyday on the EPFL campus for a real-life trial. The fleet is managed remotely and in real time thanks to the software created by BestMile, a Lausanne based start-up.

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    Deliberate EMI poses threat to electronics

    23.04.15 - Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory EPFL is one of the leading institutes for research and development of protections of electronics devices against electromagnetic attacks. In an article published on the website of the "Engineering and Technology Magazine", the EMC Lab is mentioned along other institutes with regard to the research led on the impact of electromagnetic interferences through cables on electronic devices.

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    Economies d'énergie : 2300 LED pour l'éclairage extérieur

    23.04.15 - Energy Center Dans le cadre de la stratégie énergétique 2050 de la Confédération et du rôle de modèle souhaité pour les institutions fédérales, l’EPFL et son Domaine Immobilier et Infrastructures mettent en œuvre des projets améliorant notre efficacité énergétique. L’éclairage extérieur du campus a été intégralement remplacé par des sources LED. Une réduction de la consommation de 55% a été atteinte tout en améliorant la qualité de l’éclairage et en réduisant les coûts d’exploitation.

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    10 COST Actions Open for Participation

    23.04.15 - Research Office 10 COST Actions are open for participation of Switzerland-based researchers :

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    Automatic Re-Initialization and Failure Recovery

    23.04.15 - NCCR-Robotics With drones becoming more and more popular, safety is a big concern. A critical situation occurs when a drone temporarily loses its GPS position information, which might cause it to crash. 

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    Life under the Ice on Lake Onego

    23.04.15 - ENAC | Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering In a Swiss-Russian partnership, researchers from EPFL, INRA-Thonon, Eawag, and UniGE have launched a research campaign to study the life-sustaining dynamics that play out beneath the ice in a frozen freshwater lake.

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    Classes from Sierre (VS) at EPFL

    22.04.15 - Science Outreach Department On April 21st, 4 classes from the secondary school of Goubing (cycle d'orientation, Sierre) went to EPFL on the occasion of their Science Day.

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    How the immune system fights worm infections

    22.04.15 - Mediacom The immune system can ‘remember’ infectious invaders. EPFL scientists now show how immune memory triggers the body’s ability to repair tissues damaged during worm infections. The work could lead to better drugs against worms, but also to treatments that actually promote wound healing.

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