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    When Emotions Control Objects

    today - Mediacom Dimming a light, immersive playing on a computer, and tracking yoga exercises in real time – sensors developed by SmartCardia use various vital signs to transmit data to a host of everyday objects.

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    yesterday - Laboratory for architecture as form Stocktaking: Taking measure of our relative advancement

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    New postdoc opening in Signal Processing

    17.10.14 - Signal Processing Laboratory 4 New postdoc opening for January 2015.

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    Marc Gruber hosts workshop on entrepreneurship for the unemployed

    17.10.14 - Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization Chair Professor Dr. Marc Gruber and his team hosted a one-day workshop at Odyssea to discuss public programs designed to alleviate local unemployment by helping unemployed people transition to successful entrepreneurship.

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    MOOC Manifesto: Current State and Perspectives

    17.10.14 - Massive open online courses Moocs Eight provocative positions are put forward, in hopes of aiding policy-makers, academics, administrators, and learners regarding the potential future of MOOCs in higher education. Co-edited by Pierre Dillenbourg, CEDE, EPFL.

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    New Paper on Optimized Adaptive Streaming

    17.10.14 - Signal Processing Laboratory 4 Optimal Selection of Adaptive Streaming Representations, accepted for publication in ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications and Applications

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    A new material brings spintronics closer

    17.10.14 - Mediacom Spintronics is a new field of electronics, using electron spin rather than charge. EPFL scientists, working with the Université Paris-Sud and Paul Scherrer Institut have shown that a conventional electrical insulator can be used as an optimal spintronic device.

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    Digital Humanities Venice Fall School 2014

    16.10.14 - Digital Humanities Laboratory The second Digital Humanities Venice Fall School has taken place in Venice from 6 to 10 October and gathered 24 students of Italian, Swiss and American origins, specialised in disciplines like Art History, Literature, as well as Computer Science or Mathematics.

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    Bill and Melinda Gates foundation - new call for "Grand Challenges"

    16.10.14 - Research Office The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is now inviting applications beginning on November 4, 2014. The Grand Challenges family of initiative seeks innovative global health and development solutions.

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    Michael Grätzel wins Eric and Sheila Samson award

    16.10.14 - SB | Basic Sciences Michael Grätzel has won the prestigious Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister’s Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation.

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