Youth for Reuse II

Burgernziel Altes Tram Depot © n.d. 2019

Burgernziel Altes Tram Depot © n.d. 2019

All ready to the second workshop Youth for Reuse

From the 20th of september and during 4 days, architecture students at EAST will participate on Youth for Reuse II - an academic research and sustainable architecture design workshop - that will take place at the Burgrnziel Alter Tramdepot in Bern. Guided by a team of experts, students will develop bottom-up, hands-on approach, in order to assess the potential of the existing building and propose desing solutions for the reuse of the structure - this workshop is possible thanks to the support of Losinger-Marazzi.

Participating students: Ajani Noah, Archimi Kimberley, Berger Pauline, Boschesi Daniele, Carminati Lisa, Fischer Simon, Formica Lina, Fouchet Duncan Guillaume, Gaspar Théo, Ghielmini Nicholas, Giaccari Kenzo, Grenier Céliane, Hasler Gilliane, Hu Laureen, Jammers Matthias, Känel Bruno, Kempter Chiara, Massa Edoardo, Miodonski Isabelle, Mischler Amélie, Özcan Timur, Pasquier Sean, Pezzetta Chiara, Pini Gianluigi, Sørensen Mikkel, Schuler Karen, Schwab Loïc, Theubet Maxime, Von Steiger Sarah, Vuillemin Sibylle

Experts: Catherine de Wolf (SXL, EPFL) Renaud Haerlingen (Rotor) Michael Frahn (HOLZ MICHEL)

Pedagogical team: Prof. Martin Fröhlich, Prof. Anja Fröhlich, Tiago P. Borges, Yannick Claessens, Vanessa Pointet