24.10.12 - Risk doesn’t necessarily rhyme with disaster! This new edition of the Café scientifique “Science ! On tourne” is an extension of the Risk inSight exhibition, which is being held at the Rolex Learning Center and which calls on everyone to question the omnipresence of risk in our lives.

Valérie November, the organiser of the Risk inSight exhibition, and Eugen Brühwiler, Head of the Maintenance, Construction and Safety of Structures Laboratory, will discuss the problems and issues around risk. Risk is, in fact, a key element of human activity. Each one of us confronts it on a daily basis, every second, without it necessarily leading to disaster. The sky doesn’t usually fall in (thanks to air traffic controllers), olympic stadiums rarely collapse (thanks to engineers), and river flooding can be predicted (also thanks to engineers). It would seem, therefore, that we are surrounded by “risk guardian angels” who ensure the prevention of disasters.

Science ! On tourne

Wednesday 31 October at 12:15 at the Rolex Learning Center.

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