US Environmental Policy Study



Matthias van den Heuvel, a Ph.D. student at the IIPP chair, and his colleagues Joelle Noailly and Laura Nowzohour (CIES – Graduate Institute Geneva) have produced a novel monthly index measuring the salience of US environmental policy over the period 1981–2019. The index, built using text-mining techniques, captures the evolution of the proportion of articles discussing environmental and climate regulations in the news.

Their analysis finds a meaningful empirical association between news coverage of environmental policy and investments in clean technologies. This finding suggests that news on environmental policy contains relevant information for investors. Policymakers could therefore leverage their capacity to shape investors’ expectations and behavior by communicating audibly about their environmental policy agenda.

More details can be found in the paper. The index below, and other sub-topic indices, are available on the website of the NRP73 project that has funded this study:

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