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Two articles among the top cited !

© 2017  Renewable Energy Agency

© 2017 Renewable Energy Agency

One of our papers is in the Top 5 of the most cited papers over the past two years in the IJNAMG, while another one is the top cited paper in GETE.

The laboratory of soil mechanics has been a precursor in the research of energy geostructures, with a particular attention on energy piles. Two papers dealing with the subject have had a great impact within the scientific community.

Numerical analysis of the geotechnical behaviour of energy piles, by A. Di Donna and L. Laloui, is in the 3rd position of the papers making the most important impact in the IJNAMG.

Numerical modelling of energy piles in saturated sand subjected to thermo-mechanical loads, by A. Rotta Loria and L. Laloui, is the top cited paper in GETE.