Transfer, Reconfiguration and Digital Transition in Graphic Narrative

© Olivier Stucky, 2021

© Olivier Stucky, 2021

Bahar Aydemir and Raphaël Baroni presented their work "Beyond the Shadow of the Z: How We Read European Bande Dessinée" in The international conference “Transfer, Reconfiguration and Digital Transition in Graphic Narratives”.

The international conference “Transfer, Reconfiguration and Digital Transition in Graphic Narratives” took place in Lausanne and online from October 21 to 23. It is organized in the framework of the Sinergia research project « Reconfiguring Comics in Our Digital Era », funded by the SNF.

This event is part of the two-part international conference: « Narrative Forms & Medium ». The first part of the colloquium: « Impact de la sérialité sur le récit audiovisuel », organized by Alain Boillat and Valentine Robert, will be held at the UNIL from October 20 to 21, 2021 (more information here).

This second part of the conference, mixing scientific communications and round tables, aims at questioning the interdependence between the media supports and the narrative forms which are deployed in the particular framework of the comics. One of the specificities of this medium is precisely that it is defined by the projection of a sequence of images on the surface that serves as its support, which explains this particular focus. The diversified questionings that make up the program of these three days, as much from the point of view of the approaches, the methods as of the convened objects, fall under particularly contemporary stakes. Indeed, the problem of the evolution of the cultural identity of comics in connection with the emergence of digital technologies is very current, because this one seems to have deeply modified the production, diffusion and consumption of graphic narratives.