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Time-resolved Circular Dichroism in six laser shots

The EPFL Photonics Chapter (EPC) is very pleased to announce and cordially invite you to our monthly ‘Pizza-Optics-Beer’ (POB) seminar on March 18th 2018 at 18:15 in the room CM 1 121.

This month we will have the pleasure to host Malte Oppermann from the Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy (LSU) with the presentation entitled:

"Time-resolved Circular Dichroism in six laser shots"

For organizational purposes (if you want to eat pizza!), please confirm your participation using this Doodle.

Don’t hesitate to extend the invitation to any postdoc and colleague!

Hope to see you there,
The team of the EPFL Photonics Chapter


Circular dichroism (CD) denotes the difference in absorption of left- and right-handed circularly polarized light and is a well-established tool in analytical biochemistry. In the deep-UV range (< 300 nm), it is sensitive to the structure of biomolecular systems in solution, such as proteins and DNA oligomers. Through the use of pulsed light sources, CD spectroscopy offers an exciting opportunity to measure conformational changes in such systems in real time, on the shortest time scales currently explored in physical chemistry. Unfortunately, technical challenges have so far only allowed for slow progress in the experimental implementation of time-resolved CD. In this talk I am going to present some of these challenges and the solutions that I developed in order to build the first CD spectrometer with femtosecond time-resolution and broadband detection in the deep-UV range.​

Author: Tania Palmieri

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