30.01.17 - Monday, February 6th, 2017 @ Halle Bleue, smart living lab, Fribourg, CH.

"3D Graphic Statics: Past, Present & Future" is an international workshop bringing together experts in three-dimensional graphic statics from the University of Cambridge, ETHZ (Chair of Structural Design and Block Research Group), UCLouvain (Structures and Technologies), EPFL (Structural Xploration Lab), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (DigitalStructures), University of Pennsylvania, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, CalPoly and Nanjing University of Technology).

Set up by Corentin Fivet (SXL, EPFL), Ole Ohlbrock (ETHZ), Pierluig D'Acunto (ETHZ) and Jean-Philippe Jasienski (UCLouvain, BE), the workshop will take place in the Halle Bleue of the smart living lab (Fribourg, CH) on February 6th, 2017.

One of the most peculiar features of 2D graphic statics is the geometric reciprocity between form and force diagrams. Thanks to this property, it is possible to manipulate the form of a given loaded structure and directly evaluate the consequences on the distribution of the inner forces within the structure. Conversely, it is possible to modify the magnitude and direction of the inner forces while assessing the transformation of the form. Extending graphic statics to the third dimension would allow new possibilities for both structural design and analysis in three dimensions. There are different ways to embark on this topic, such as the vector-based and the polyhedral-based approaches.
The goal of this special work-session is to highlight the most recent findings in the field of 3D graphic statics and to identify the key questions that have to be addressed by future research on the matter at issue. By promoting constructive discussion and exchanging on shared issues, the aim is to generate a big boost to the topic of 3D graphic statics. The event will also represent a great opportunity to open new doors for future collaboration.

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