The future of mobility in Geneva: what role for the tramway?

© 2010 Trams aux Fils

© 2010 Trams aux Fils

The latest study by the Urban Sociology Laboratory - LASUR confirms it: multimodality convinces the people of Geneva! How does the tram fit into these new mobility practices? Vincent Kaufmann will talk about it on Tuesday 5/11 as part of the tram extension project between Nations and Grand Saconnex.

Mobility practices in Geneva are changing: the way people travel, but also the values, expectations and aspirations of residents and urban planning professionals have changed significantly over the past 20 years. These changes reflect profound societal, technological and environmental shifts that influence more generally the way people move in contemporary urban societies. It is in this context that the project to extend tram line No. 15 between Nations and Grand-Saconnex is part of the project. This conference, given by Vincent Kaufmann, Professor at the Laboratory of Urban Sociology at EPFL, aims to review these trends in order to put this tram project in perspective: to what extent can it be a support but also an amplifier of the transformations in progress? The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Organized by: Mobil'homme sàrl and Urbz

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