The Camipro card gets a new layout

© 2014 EPFL

© 2014 EPFL

The era of the layout of the back of the Camipro card, designed in 2005, has come to an end. Room now for a new layout, declined in 4 variations, showing the modernism and the dynamism of the School, created by the graphist of the Repro, Anne-Sylvie Borter.

The old design of the back of the Camipro card, created almost 10 years ago, had been created by the Atelier Poisson. It existed in 6 variations, showing various statistics about the School's students (origin, age, faculty, etc.). Some liked the design a lot, while others did not really understand it.

In order to modernise its image, and also for technical reasons linked to the card production, the back of the Camipro cards has been totally modified, and can be now found in 4 variations. These designs have been created by the graphist of the EPFL Print Center, Anne-Sylvie Borter. They represent different research poles of the School.

These designs are not linked to the status of a person owning a Camipro card. They are distributed randomly to new Camipro card owners, regardless of their status in the School.