The 2019 annual report is now available

© 2020 EPFL

© 2020 EPFL

Highlights of the year, news about the faculty members, research, education as well as financial and organizational facts: all these achievements are now to be found in the 2019 Annual Report.

Some of the highlights for 2019 include:

• The establishment of the Business Analytics Chair of Prof. Kiyavash

• The new Finance and Technology programme – directed by Prof. Filipovic within the Centre for Digital Trust

• A new Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering MS level course – developed by Prof. Weber in collaboration with the School of Engineering (STI) – a course now becoming the precursor of a collaborative teaching platform extended to include other EPFL Schools

• The CDM-IC seminar series Computational Social Sciences and Economics directed by Prof. Younge

• Research work by Prof. de Rassenfosse on the ‘real impact’ of academic research, measured in terms of product innovation, which places EPFL amongst innovation leaders in Europe
• The conclusion by Prof. Gruber of six years’ activity as Deputy and Associate Editor at the #1 empirical research journal in management – Academy of Management Journal

• The new Data Science for Managers Executive course, directed by Prof. Younge

• Work on the digitalisation of finance and impact of Fintech companies in this sector, conducted by Prof. Fahlenbrach and Prof. Filipovic