Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering award to Thomas Bolton

© 2020 Niels Lion / Thomas Bolton

© 2020 Niels Lion / Thomas Bolton

Thomas Bolton (from MIPLAB) has been awarded the Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering (SSBE) Research Award 2020 for "his outstanding achievements during his thesis: Development and application of dynamic functional connectivity methods to elucidate the neural underpinnings of human behavior with functional magnetic resonance imaging".

During its annual meeting that just took place online, the Swiss Society for Biomedical Engineering (SSBE) has awarded its yearly Research Prize to Thomas Bolton, a CNP alumni from MIPLAB.

Thomas is a great speaker (as demonstrated by his participation in the EPFL Ma thèse en 180 secondes in 2019, here), whose work aimed at relating functional brain dynamics and connectivity to behavior (based on fMRI data). Thomas critically approached methodological and controversial issues in the field, showing that brain connectivity and dynamics are tighly related to complex socio-communication behaviors, such as attentional performance. Furthermore, he showed that such approaches could shed light on particular aspects of autism spectrum disorders. The potential of brain connectivity approaches for the analysis of human behavior and psychopathology has been recently reviewed here.

Congratulations Thomas from the CNP community for this well-deserved recognition!


Thomas' and MPILAB's work was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (CRSII5_180319), Japan’s JST ERATO program (JPMJER1801), the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM) and the Bertarelli Foundation.