Studio Weinand: Final Critics

Studio Weinand's final critics took place in the morning of the 21st of December at IBOIS. Students presented their projects concerning the conversion of the existing Bluhm sawmill near Rossinière and how it could be adapted for robotisation.

This year, a total of seventeen students presented nine different projects, each with their own vision of how the sawmill could be transformed. There were many different aspects to be taken into consideration, such as whether the existing structure should be integrated into the new design proposal, historical and ecological concerns, and site topography.

Despite the challenges, several strong projects were put forwards. One planned the disassembly of the existing sawmill and re-use of certain elements for the projected building. The structure was assembled using a free plan, and the timber pieces sourced from the surrounding forest and cut on site using the robot. It included a heated space for employees allowing for the comfortable surveillance of the robotic fabrication process. Another project used a parametric model to design tenon-mortise joints and a roof composed of traditional shingles, while yet another considered an extension to the existing sawmill composed of reclaimed timber pieces.

IBOIS would like to thank all students for their hard work and hope they can apply the knowledge they acquired this semester to great future success.