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Ricardo Beira, PhD, joins the LNCO as a senior researcher

Ricardo Beira ©2012 Alain Herzog

Ricardo Beira ©2012 Alain Herzog

Ricardo Beira, PhD from the LSRO and former founder and CTO of Distal Motion, joins the team of Professor Olaf Blanke at the Laboratory of Cognitive Neurosciences

Ricardo Beira is one of the new additions to the LNCO team. With his current interests following the lines of robotics, mechanical systems and transfer of technology, Ricardo will work with the lab on the development of new MRI-compatible technologies for the induction of psychotic-like states.

He obtained his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland) in 2013, mentored by Professor Hannes Bleuler. His doctoral research involved the development of mechanical systems for remote tele-manipulation in minimally invasive surgical procedures. During this time, he has also participated in many international research project in the fields of robotics and medical devices.

Towards the end of his PhD, Ricardo founded a start-up, Distal Motion, which aims at making robotic surgery more affordable, integrative and ergonomic, so to reach a large part of surgical procedures that are not yet covered by existing surgical robots.

Author: Herberto Dhanis