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Revisions at the Library: Maurice has killed another victim



The famous security officer shark in charge of order and fair play has attacked a student at the Library. The student had excessively reserved seats, which is a violation of the rule of conduct number 6 at the Library. The attack took place near the Library desk. The perimeter has been closed off.

Pay attention! Maurice has already killed several students, as shown by these videos posted on Youtube. Although Maurice is easily visible thanks to the hashtag #EPFLMaurice, for your safety, respect the seven rules dictated by the shark:

  • 1 - do not steal books
  • 2 - respect your workplace
  • 3 - respect the equipment
  • 4 - do not make any noise
  • 5 - do not eat
  • 6 - do not reserve seats excessively
  • 7 - do not move the tables

Additional study rooms and lockers at your disposal

Additional study rooms are also available on campus. Access will be available during campus opening hours (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.). Outside these times, appropriate CAMIPRO rights will be required to access them. The Forum Rolex is offering study spaces (access every day from 7:00 to midnight). As a reminder, lockers are available in the basement of the Rolex Learning Center to store your belongings.

Source: Library