Prof. Weinand has won the Grand Prix d'Architecture de Wallonie !

© 2019 EPFL

© 2019 EPFL

Professor Yves Weinand has won the Grand Prix d’Architecture of Wallonie (GPAW) for the design of the Timber Pavilion of Vidy Lausanne Theatre.

The Grand Prix d'Architecture de Wallonie aims at rewarding new or renovated architectural projects, private or public. 
Foreign architects compose the jury, that is an invaluable value for the competition, which faces the most varied influences and trends of today’s world. The jury rewards projects which are distinguished by their qualities of design, realization and integration to the surrounding setting.

The Timber Pavilion of Vidy Lausanne Theatre has been awarded for its successful innovative construction process, and its contemporary wooden structure.
The construction of Vidy theater pavilion, designed with an IBOIS (Laboratory of Timber Constructions of EPFL) technological transfer, provides the implementation of unprecedented support structure exclusively made of wood panels. Its double folded plate structure holds its mechanical performance from the rigidity of the joints. The panels are joined by innovative wood-wood connections. These innovative connections have been applied to the scale of a building for the first time.
By rewarding this projects, the jury enlight a novative process for architectural and sustainable design.


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