Prof. Colin Jones awarded an FNS grant

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Risk Aware Data Driven Demand Response (RISK)

Application details for PhD and PostDoc positions for this projet

A key enabler of large-scale renewable generation will be demand response (DR), or adjusting flexible consumption patterns to match variable generation. Commercial buildings are an excellent DR target as they represent more than 40% of EU energy consumption and many have advanced building management systems. Ongoing work at LA has demonstrated that novel control techniques enable buildings to provide a range of important grid services. The next challenge on the road to commercial realization is to reduce the cost of modeling and controller development by an order of magnitude.

The RISK project will develop novel data-driven predictive control techniques that will expedite the modelling and control design effort, providing a large reduction in the acquisition cost of flexibility from commercial buildings, while simultaneously enabling an increase in control quality. To achieve these objectives, RISK will develop new identification, control and computational techniques, and then prove their value on a network of buildings on the EPFL campus. 

Application details for PhD and PostDoc positions