Port-au-Prince: between urban vulnerabilities and growth

© 2014 CODEV

© 2014 CODEV

CODEV, supported by CEAT, receives funding from the European Union for an urban research project in Haiti.

EPFL’s Cooperation and Development Center (CODEV), directed by Professor J.-C. Bolay, in partnership with the Urban and Regional Planning Community (CEAT), headed by Dr. J. Chenal, has received funding from the European Union for an urban research project in Haiti entitled "Port-au-Prince: between urban vulnerabilities and growth, building a Caribbean metropolis".

Related to the work of A. Kern, a CODEV scientific collaborator and visiting scholar at the Quisqueya University UniQ in Haiti, this two-year project is supported by the University of Paris 8 (LADYSS laboratory) and associates, in addition to the EPFL, the State University of Haiti UEH (LADMA laboratory) and UniQ (CRAPU and LAQUE laboratories).

Partners in RESCIF (The Network of Excellence in Engineering Sciences of the French-speaking Community), EPFL and UniQ are in charge of one of the three axes of the project entitled "Informality in the historical city as well as in expansion areas". Backed by a French consortium of architects and urban planners (ETC) , this project aims to understand the major growth mechanisms of the Haitian capital following the earthquake of January 12, 2010, while strengthening the research capacity of Haitian universities.