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Pierre Frey, a Swiss national born in 1949, read geography, German and history of art at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne. He was awarded a Licentiate's degree in 1984 and then pursued a dual career as a secondary school teacher and as a researcher into the history of architecture.
On account of his exhibitions and publications, and Viollet le Duc et la montagne in particular, he was invited to join the Institute of Theory and History of Architecture at the EPFL in 1988. In 1993, he established a centre for the documentation, collection, exploration and improvement of a fund of archive material for architects, engineers and enterprises; this centre's activities continue to develop. In this centre, Pierre Frey contributed to the integration of the formation of useful sources into the history of architecture, and in 1998, in a doctoral thesis at the EPFL, he formalised the relevant IT tools, which resulted in a recommendation from the International Council of Archives. His membership of international organisations such as the International Confederation of Architectural Museums and the International Council of Archives earned him the chairmanship of ICA's Section on Architectural Records. He was one of the main organisers of the International Congress on Archives in Madrid in 2004, for which he drafted the central issues.
He has organised numerous exhibitions that were accompanied by publications and were intended to present teaching materials and to disclose research results, and he ensures that the Archives of Modern Building receive both public attention and private patronage.

Author:Claire Hofmann ChalardSource:ENAC | Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering