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New supramolecular structures with excellent catalytic activity.

© 2012 EPFL

© 2012 EPFL

Interfacial Self-Assembly of Water-Soluble Cationic Porphyrins for the Reduction of Oxygen to Water.

As shown by the group of Prof. Hubert Girault(Laboratory of Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry), assembly of the water-soluble cobalt tetrakis(N-methylpyridinium-4-yl)porphyrin [CoTMPyP]4+ at soft interfaces is enhanced and stabilized by its interfacial interaction with the lipophilic anion (C6F5)4B−. The supramolecular structure thus formed (see picture) provides excellent catalytic activity in the four-electron reduction of oxygen.

Hot Paper: Astrid J. Olaya, Delphine Schaming, Pierre-Francois Brevet, Hirohisa Nagatani, Hai-Jun Xu, Michel Meyer, Hubert H. Girault, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201202266 (2012)

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